Health Care Services are available for every detainee via the kiosk in each pod or by submitting a written medical request which are then triaged within 24 hours.

Sick Call

Sick call is conducted on a weekly basis with the facility doctor. We have a medical co-pay program. Participants will be charged a co-payment, for sick call and for in-house prescriptions, full charge for medications ordered from an outside pharmacy.


Medications may be brought into the facility for detainee use as long as they are properly prescribed by a physician and clearly labeled with the detainees name by a pharmacist. This does not guarantee the inmate will receive all medications brought in, but the medical staff will decide if it will be authorized after it is received/ reviewed. Please understand if medications have been brought into the facility that are expired, mixed, loose or not clearly marked and /or packaged as being prescribed to you personally, those medications will be confiscated and destroyed by facility personnel.


Due to HIPAA, we are not at liberty to discuss any of the detainees medical information. We will be happy to accept health information, but we will not divulge health information.

Prescribed Medications

The facility does use a formulary list that is used for prescribed medications. Some examples of medications not allowed into the facility are: Amphetamine Salts (Adderall), Methadone, Suboxone, controlled substances, or psycho stimulants. Hypnotics will not be given to induce sleep.