Traffic Teen Court

A 6-hour defensive driving class is offered several times a year to traffic youth offenders. The cost of the class is $20. 

Teen Court collaborates with local law enforcement. The objective of the class is for the youth traffic offender to acquire skills and knowledge they need to become a defensive driver. The youth traffic offender recognizes common weather and road hazards while driving and ways to prevent collisions. Several segments on aggressive driving, texting while driving and impaired driving is discussed in-depth. Visual and audio media are viewed throughout the class. 

Simulated Impaired Driving Experience

After class, the youth traffic offender operates the Simulated Impaired Driving Experience (SIDNE) which is a battery-powered vehicle that simulates the effects of distraction and impairment from alcohol and other drugs on a motorist's driving skills. SIDNE operates in two modes, normal and impaired. In normal mode, the vehicle's steering, braking, and acceleration respond appropriately. In impaired mode, the vehicle reacts with delayed steering, braking, and acceleration, simulating the effects of a vehicle being driven by an impaired or distracted driver. The youth traffic offender takes two turns on the SIDNE Once while attempting to text on a cell phone and once while impaired.

Following Graduation

Upon graduation, some of the benefits include no increase in automobile insurance rates and no points on driver's license.