Reverse 911

The Reverse 911 system is a citizen notification method which was implemented by Sheriff Benny House and will automatically convey to the Citizens of Otero County important information in the event of an impending or occurring emergency via telephone communications.

The system utilizes telephone company listings and addresses to place calls to residences in specific areas or countywide. Telephone companies do not maintain data bases for cellular phones that include addresses. If you wish to receive these emergency messages on a cellular phone you must register.

Register With Otero County Sheriff Office Online

The questions you will be asked when registering. Please note: The site is Encrypted for your privacy.

  • Personal information about yourself (name, address, etc).
  • Contact information, i.e. cellular phone or telephone number and an email address.
  • Online Accounts Information requires a user name, password. All the fields with the red asterisk (*) are required fields.
  • Activation is the last part of the online registration process. You will receive an email to the account you provided. Once you have received the email, click the link to Activate. The link will take you to the registration page. There you will be able to make changes to your account, etc.
  • Register online now!

Following Registration

Once completed and submitted, you will be able to log-in to your account and review your information. A map to the right of the form will display your location. Review the Push Pin on the Map, place your mouse over the push pin on the map, "right click and hold down" to move the push pin. You can choose different graphical interfaces when placing the push pin on the map for accurate placement.

Updating Information

To update your information, log-in with your user name (the email address you registered) and the password you provided, to update your information. Remember to click the "Update Button" at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Register Without the Internet

If you are unable to provide an email account, you can complete the questionnaire form accessible via the Self Registration Questionnaire (PDF). Print and complete the questionnaire and mail it to the address annotated at the top of the form. The information will be manually inputted and activate your account for notification. Prior to entry, the phone number provided will be contacted to confirm the information.

Cloudcroft Post Office
20 Curlew Place
Cloudcroft, NM 88317

High Rolls Post Office
4 Cherry Blossom Way
High Rolls, NM 88325

Mayhill Post Office
3495 U.S. Highway 82
Mayhill, NM 88339

Pinon Post Office
2332 Highway 24
Pinon, NM 88344

Sacramento Post Office
16 Assembly Road
Sacramento, NM 88347

Timberon Post Office
111 Sacramento Drive
Timberon, NM 88350

Weed Post Office
21 Weed Road
Weed, NM 88354

Alamogordo Location for Questionnaire

First National Bank
414 10th Street
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Western Bank
500 9th Street
Alamogoro, NM 88310

Senior Center
2201 Puerto Rico Avenue
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Otero Federal Credit Union
3300 N White Sands Boulevard
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Alamogordo Family Recreation Center
1100 Oregon Avenue
Alamogordo, NM 88310

Tularosa Location for Questionnaire

Tularosa Senior Center
1050 Bookout Road
Tularosa, NM 88352

Village of Tularosa Office
705 St. Francis Drive
Tularosa, NM 88352

Tularosa Community Center
1050 Bookout Road
Tularosa, NM 88352

Otero County Administration Building Questionnaire

The Otero County Administration Building also has the questionnaire at:
1101 New York Avenue
Alamogordo, NM 88310