Timberon Property Damage

Dear property owner,

Otero County would like to notify you of a wildland fire located in Timberon that began on 7/13/2016 that may have affected your property(ies) as listed below.

Possible Cleanup

As part of this notification we would like to also relay to you that there may be personal property, hazard trees, brush or other damage that may require cleanup or mitigation.

We encourage you to assess your property as soon as possible and/or contact someone that could assist you in determining the extent of damage, if any to your property.


As your affected land is private property, any work that would be performed with the assistance of local volunteers or contractors would require your permission; therefore we are recommending a signed letter of authorization to be submitted to the volunteers or contractors that would be assisting in the cleanup process.

Education & Inspections

Otero County currently utilizes, by contract, South Central Mountain Resource Conservation & Development Council (SCMRCD) for FIREWISE education and inspections, forest restoration work and thinning programs and encourage you to contact the local representative for Timberon at:

Rick Merrick,
201 Oak Grove Place
Ruidoso, NM 88345

Office:  575-446-3973
Fax:  575-257-7195
Cell:  575-937-1789
Email Rick Merrick

Sample of Authorization Letter

I, (your name here), as legal property owner of (legal description or address) hereby grant authorization to (identify your agent or representative here) to mitigate, remediate or remove necessary hazards on my property.