Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan

The local Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan, also known as the ICIP, is a plan that establishes priorities for anticipated capital projects. The need for this kind of planning has gained importance in New Mexico, where entities are faced with pressing demands for multiple capital improvements and limited funding to support them. 

The state-coordinated ICIP process encourages entities to plan for the development of capital improvements so that they do not find themselves in emergency situations, but can plan for, fund, and develop infrastructure at a pace that sustains their activities.

What is the ICIP?

  • An individual entities plan of priorities
  • Covers a five year period
  • Developed annually
  • To include: policy direction, funding time frames, estimated costs, justifications, and details of each specific infrastructure capital improvement project proposed, by year, over the five year period


  • Assists participants to focus on short and long term planning for infrastructure improvement projects and helps establish priorities

Statewide Benefits

  • NM Capital Outlay
  • Final document is published on DFA website and available for interested parties to view
  • A notice of publication is disseminated to each state representative, senator, and the governor the first day of the legislative session
  • Various funding sources request ICIP information before making funding decisions


The local governing officials set priorities based on factors affecting the entity, entity needs and capacity. These priorities should be for the entire entity, not just a local department or division. Those criteria include, public safety, legal liability, emergencies, compliance with laws and or regulations.