Misdemeanor Compliance Program


The mission of the Otero County Misdemeanor Compliance Program (MCP) is to act as the mediator between the victim and accused to help them to become a healthy part of society once again in Otero County. It is our hope that education can prevent or reduce misdemeanor crimes in Otero County.


The Misdemeanor Compliance Programs consist of managing all Misdemeanor Offenses throughout the Otero County Magistrate and District Court systems. The defendants are held accountable for the offenses they have been adjudicated on with their Judgment and Sentences and are consequently placed under Misdemeanor Probation. 

Compliance Officer Function

It is the function of the Compliance Officer to ensure that defendants comply with their mandated sentencing requirements. The Magistrate Court Judges rely on the presence of the MCP Officer during a defendant’s sentencing in order to ensure that the defendant is aware who the Probation Officer is and where they will need to report. This component provides the defendant assistance and guidance as to where they need to report for their sentencing requirements to include:

  • Treatment facilities
  • Places for community service
  • A neutral place to make restitution if so ordered
  • Help them through this process in order to successfully complete their probation period

Compliance Fees

Compliance fees are $50 per month.

So that you may enjoy the convenience and flexibility of making your fee payments online with a credit card. Otero County has arranged with PointandPay to take any of your fee payments. Your fee payment will be receipted in our office 2 to 4 business days after it is made. For purposes of determining timeliness, the payment date will be honored.

Note: PointandPay will assess a 2.5% fee or $2 whichever is higher for providing this service.