The Otero County DWI Supervision Program supports a strong prevention component as DWI and DWI related incidents are 100% preventable. 

OCDWI’s efforts focus on the development and implementation of effective and culturally appropriate evidence-based prevention strategies in the reduction of alcohol-related crashes and deaths. 

Be Present

OCDWI maintains a highly visible presence in Otero County partnering with local coalitions and councils to combat substance abuse at the community level. Additionally, OCDWI supports an active media campaign reinforcing the individual, social and economic impact of DWI on our communities. 

Prevention & Education

The Otero County DWI Supervision Program is continually evaluating the efficacy of our prevention efforts. Prevention and education are key components to the continued success of the Otero County DWI Program reducing DWI, DWI related incidents and substance abuse in Otero County.